We sell both 2ehand and new Vinyl, CDs and DVDs. We are known to have an excellent price-quality ratio due to thorough quality control. Our collection is quiet diverse.
We have a large amount of 2ehand vinyl (LP's, maxis & 7") in stock and it is still growing. We also sell reissues and new releases that we can order or have in stock.
We have a lot of diversity in both new and 2ehands CDs: Pop, Rock, Metal, Punk, Sixties, Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, Dance, House, World, Soundtracks, Classic ect. Besides our big archive we get 2ehand CDs in on regular basis. With our new CDs we are not so much focused on the very recent but more on the 'classics' for a reasonable price
We also have a large collection of very reasonable priced 2e hand DVDs. Music, Movies, TV shows, Art house, Documentaries, kids movies, ect.